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Highly Qualified Counsellors

Dynamic Universe Education is an education consultancy that provides highly qualified counsellors to offer professional assistance and support. These counsellors are trained to help individuals in various areas related to education and personal development. Some of the services they may offer include:


Educational Guidance:

Counsellors can provide guidance to students and parents regarding educational choices, such as selecting the right schools, colleges, or universities based on the individual’s interests, academic performance, and career goals.


Career Counseling:

Counsellors can assist individuals in exploring different career options, identifying their strengths and interests, and making informed decisions about their future career paths. They may provide career assessments, information on different occupations, and advice on developing necessary skills.


College/University Applications:

Counsellors can guide students through the college or university application process. This may involve helping them create impressive resumes, write compelling personal statements or essays, and prepare for interviews or entrance exams.


Study Abroad Assistance:

For those interested in pursuing education in a foreign country, counsellors can provide information about study abroad programs, universities, admission requirements, scholarships, and visa procedures. They may also help with the application process and provide pre-departure guidance.


Academic Support:

Counsellors can offer academic support by assisting students in developing effective study skills, time management techniques, and strategies to improve their learning abilities. They may also provide guidance on overcoming challenges such as exam stress or learning difficulties.


Personal Development:

Counsellors can address personal and emotional concerns that may affect an individual’s overall well-being and academic performance. They may offer guidance on managing stress, building resilience, enhancing self-confidence, improving communication skills, and fostering positive relationships.


Parental Guidance:

Counsellors can work with parents to understand their child’s educational and emotional needs better. They may provide advice on parenting strategies, communication techniques, and support parents in helping their children navigate educational challenges.


It’s important to note that the specific services provided by Dynamic Universe Education may vary, so it’s recommended to contact them directly or visit their website for more detailed information about their counselling offerings.

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Few Words Of Students

Studying her Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science in University of Tasmania

I was not sure whether I am eligible for Australia or not and finally I got the contact number of Mr. Raj Kumar Bartaula sir and later I consulted with him and finally with his support and care now I am studying my desired course in one of the reputed University of Australia known as University of Tasmania

Mrisha Gurung


Pursuing her MPA in Charles Darwin University

The words are not enough to thank Dynamic Universe which is one of the best educational consultancies that I had ever found in the town. I am now pursuing my Masters in Professional Accounting at Charles Darwin University of Australia and really happy to pursue this course over here

Babita Shrestha Maskey


Pursuing his MBA (Health Care Management) at CQ University of Australia

I am happy for the support and guidance from the starting phase till the visa grant of me and my lovely wife. We are genuinely thankful for the support and guidance that we received from Dynamic Universe Education and would recommend it to the entire interested student for abroad

Sujan Maharjan


Studying her BIT in Swinburne University of Australia

I was totally new over the area and had visited many consultants until and unless I found Dynamic Universe Education where I met one of the well experienced consultants known as Raj Kumar Bartaula and I had finally started applying for my further process and received my visa within a month. I am now pursuing my desired course in one of the best Universities of Australia known as Swinburne University

Aashiyana Oli


Studying his BIT in ATMC/Federation University of Australia

Right now I am pursuing my Bachelor’s of Information Technology course in one of the prestigious Universities of Australia called ATMC/Federation University and for this I want to thank Dynamic Universe for the overall guidance from starting till my arrival in Australia

Bikesh Shrestha


Pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Tokyo International University of Japan

Japan had been one of the best places for me since my childhood days, as I love anime and was planning to travel Japan but the only barrier was the Japanese language. Later I got to know about Dynamic Universe and finally I had applied and now I am in my dream country pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in English medium.

Sabina Shrestha


Studying in Tokyo International University of Japan

At first, I was unable to accept that we can study in Japan in fully English-Track program until I find Dynamic Universe which is also the one and only authorized agent of our country. I want really thankful to get such a right institution which helps me to grab my visa for Japan to study fully English track Bachelors degree without the need of Japanese language.

Sanam Khadka


Studying in the University of West London

I am genuinely thankful towards Dynamic Universe Education and the whole team who assisted me during my journey towards the University of West London. I am happily pursuing my course over here and would like to recommend Dynamic Universe to all the students who are planning for their abroad studies.

Diwakar Gurung


Studying in the University of Central Lancashire

“It’s such a wonderful opportunity that I had grabbed in my life to study in one of the best Universities of the UK called University of Central Lancashire. I want to thank Dynamic Universe for the overall guidance from the very beginning till my arrival in the UK.”

Sandeep Thapa


Studying on London Metropolitan University

Hi Everyone! It’s me Kushal Tamang and currently I am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in London Metropolitan University and for this I am genuinely thankful towards Dynamic Universe and specially Umesh Bhatt and Raj Kumar sir for their help and support from the very beginning.

Kushal Tamang