Study in Thailand

Study for one or two semesters or complete a full degree in one of the world’s most thrilling cities! Thailand is a country of contrasts where you’ll never be bored. It’s a place where every day and every corner gives you something new to explore. And if you ever run out of things to do, the whole of Southeast Asia is just a short plane ride away.

Why study in Thailand?

  • Every day and around every corner there’s always something new to see and find
  • Live in one of Asia’s most iconic cities, Bangkok.
  • Study at a top Thai university and launch your international career.
  • Enjoy excellent opportunities for networking with global companies.
  • Travel easily around the whole Southeast Asia.
  • Thailand, is one of the most iconic cities in Asia and one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Bangkok, with its population of about 10 million, is a city of contrast: Even though you can find the latest trends in everything between clothing, food and gadgets when exploring the flashiest capital of South-East Asia, the city is also absolutely dotted with everything ancient, sacred and spiritual. The city is located along the Chao Pharaya River and is characterized by a non-stop mentality, both in growth and atmosphere.
  • Explore the whole South East Asia from Thailand.
  • Thailand is also one of the best places to call home if you are planning on travelling around South East Asia. It is convenient location and excellent transportation connections make it possible to visit the many beaches, jungles and mountains as well as neighboring countries during the weekends.